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Ate to Ation

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Here is a useful rule for you to remember. Many verbs that end in ate can be changed to nouns by taking away the ate and adding ation. For example, associate becomes association.

To get you familiar with this pattern, try the following quiz. In each sentence, do you need the verb or noun form of the word? Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • 1. ___ is incredibly important to the development of our nations.

  • 2. They are going to ___ on my leg next Thursday.

  • 3. Please ___ on the task at hand and stop looking out the window!

  • 4. It is important not to ___, even if someone is being really horrible to you.

  • 5. The ___ in the back of the yearbook is really beautiful.

  • 6. The ___ of the annual garden party is top secret.

  • 7. This year London ___ the Olympic spirit.

  • 8. Please make a ___ to help the children in Africa.