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Auxiliary Verb Practice

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When learning English, auxiliary verbs pop up time and again!

Can you identify which of the verbs below are full verbs and which are auxiliary verbs?

Lesson by Amanda, Cape Town English School

  • 1. Clare never DOES her homework!

  • 2. We HAVE a new television at home.

  • 3. We'VE got a new television at home.

  • 4. DID anyone phone last night?

  • 5. Where WERE James and Sarah at lunch time?

  • 6. HAVE you ever been to Zimbabwe?

  • 7. What HAVE you done with my mobile phone?

  • 8. We DID the washing-up before we went to bed.

  • 9. I WASN'T using your computer, honestly!

  • 10. We HAD a delicious meal with Tom last week.

  • 11. Why ARE you looking so unhappy?

  • 12. He HAS toast and tea for breakfast every morning.