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AWL Academic Word List: 'B's and 'C's

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Here are ten more words on the AWL from the 'B' and 'C' list. BTW (=by the way), in the future, I'll start at the beginning of the alphabet again to pick up words not yet covered. Remember that there are 570 words altogether on the AWL, so it will take several weeks to cover them all.

The task below is to eliminate the word or expression that differs in meaning from the given word. Also, pay attention to the fact that some of these words belong to different parts of speech. That is, a word like 'benefit' can be both a noun and a verb. In addition, 'differs in meaning' does not necessarily mean 'opposite' in meaning.

This quiz is for those warriors in training for an academic test or the CPE (Cambridge Proficiency Test). It ain't (=isn't) easy! Good luck, and keep on practicing!

This lesson was created by Evelyn Ono Vineberg, EC San Diego

Link: Academic Word List - Letter 'A'

  • 1 - benefit:

  • 2 - biased:

  • 3 - bond:

  • 4 - brief:

  • 5 - capacity:

  • 6 - cite:

  • 7 - clarify:

  • 8 - coherent:

  • 9 - commence:

  • 10 - conceive: