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AWL -Academic Word List - the 'E's'

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For the sake of variety, this exercise differs from the previous ones focusing on the AWL.

Here the object is to choose the 'e' word that best completes the sentence.  Having some context may help you to better select the correct answer. 

Good luck!

This lesson was created by Evelyn Ono Vineberg, EC San Diego

Link: Academic Word List - 'D' Letters

  • 1. When you study chemistry, you learn that the Earth is made up of a limited number of basic ___.

  • 2. Part of your job is to ___ that the machines are turned off before you leave work each evening.

  • 3. It was thrilling to see the butterfly ___ from its cocoon and eventually fly away.

  • 4. The ocean waves continue to cause ___ of the cliffs in La Jolla.

  • 5. The USA is sometimes viewed as a cultural melting pot because of the mixture of different ___ groups.

  • 6. California continues to spend money on construction and ___ of its already extensive highway system.

  • 7. Some environmentalists are upset with large-scale fishing fleets for their wanton ___ of wildlife from the sea.

  • 8. The student disputed his final grade, saying that the professor's ___ was biased.

  • 9. Mary was ___ from the class because she refused to speak English.

  • 10. Even though the instructor gave ___ directions, the student did the wrong part of the exercise.