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AWL - Academic Word List - the 'I's'

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More AWL (Academic Word List) Practice: The 'I's' have it! (This is a play on 'The ayes have it.' This latter expression means that the voice vote is in, and those in favor of a measure have won.)

Are you ready for another challenging 'fill in the blank' activity with "I" words from the AWL? This is an exercise for high-intermediate (NB: 'intermediate' is an AWL word) level and beyond.

Key Words

A - identify
B - image
C - index
D - infer
E - input
F - instance
G - integral

A Method of Building Vocabulary

An _1_ part of preparing for any English exam is building up your vocabulary. I always recommend that students buy several packs of _2_ cards, which are portable and can be sorted and rearranged, for _3_, by topic and part of speech (adjective/noun/verb, etc.) Meaningful _4_ is important, so choose words that evoke (= cause an idea/emotion/memory to occur) an _5_ or 'picture.' This will help you to remember when and how to use them. On one side of your vocabulary card, write the word. On the other, _6_ its part of speech and indicate other related forms of the word. Finally, write a sentence using the word so that you can _7_ its meaning. Avoid just writing down a dictionary definition. Synonyms or antonyms and a sentence are more useful in helping you to recall and use new vocabulary.

IMPORTANT:Use the letters next to each word. Do not type in the whole word. For example, type in ;'A for 'integral'.

This lesson was created by Evelyn Ono Vineberg, teacher at EC San Diego English language school

Link: Academic Word List G, H & J

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