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Baby Beckham!

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Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice and David Beckham the famous footballer, added another baby to their brood. Read this article and see if you can answer the true or false questions below. Do you think Harper is lucky to have such famous parents, or do you think it will lead to a difficult childhood? I’d love to hear your opinions.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

The Beckhams

David Beckham looked the proudest dad in the world, as he showed off new daughter Harper Seven for the first time in photos released recently.

The black and white shot shows Becks cuddling his new baby who is wrapped up in a white blanket.

Victoria Beckham, 37, posted the photo on Twitter with the caption: "Daddy's little girl".

A second photograph, below, showing new mum Posh and Harper was posted on to David's Facebook page.

The former Spice Girl gave birth on July 10th by caesarean in Los Angeles.

LA Galaxy star David, 36, shed tears of joy when his 7lb 10oz daughter was born.

The footie ace, whose Man Utd and England number was seven, announced the name nine hours after her birth.

He wrote on his Facebook page: "I am so proud and excited to announce the birth of our daughter Harper Seven Beckham. She weighed a healthy 7lb and 10oz.

And in a series of online videos explained: "A lot of thought goes into our children's names and Harper was a name that we've loved for a long time for a couple of reasons."

"One reason is Harper's an old English name which we loved and one of the other reasons was Victoria's favourite book is To Kill A Mockingbird and the author was Harper Lee. It's a very strong, passionate book. That's where Harper came from."

"To have another girl in the family is really incredible. We've got three beautiful healthy boys already and we're so lucky to have that and now to have a beautiful little girl. "

"Having a daughter is a whole new thing. Having pink in the house, having lilac in the house...and you have to be a lot more delicate with girls than boys and I'm not used to that so it's a whole new experience."

Yesterday, Becks sported a brand new pair of boots - with the names of his four children printed on one side.

Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, eight, Cruz, six, and Harper all get a mention on the footwear.

He showed off his new trainers at a match in Los Angeles California.

LA Galaxy played against Real Madrid, who won the match 4-1.

It was the first time Beckham has come up against his old side since moving to the United States in 2007.

Last week Posh gushed in a Twitter post: "Baby Harper is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen. We all feel so blessed and the boys love their baby sister so much!!! X VB."

They have agreed that Harper will be their last child.

A wise move as otherwise Becks would need to get bigger boots.

Now decide if the following statements are true or false:

  • 1. The first photos of baby Harper were shared in a newspaper.

  • 2. Victoria gave birth to her daughter naturally.

  • 3. Their baby was named after an author.

  • 4. Harper is the couple’s first baby girl.

  • 5. There is a very small age gap between Harper and their youngest son, Cruz.

  • 6. The Beckham's would like to have one more child.