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Be and Have verbs

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As a main verb “to have” implies the meaning of possession.

What's the difference between is and has in this sentence:

Sophia is an English teacher, she has brown eyes.

Be verb

Is is used to say something about a person, thing, or state, to show a permanent or temporary quality, state, job, etc:

I am 23
Are you Russian?
She is intelligent.
You were sleeping.
Was I wrong?
They are looking for you.

Have verb

In the above sentence has shows posession: Sophia has brown eyes.

I have a big dog.
You have a nice smile.
We have some good ideas.
They have no time.
He has four brothers.
She has a good job.
I can't use this pot, it has no handles.

Now choose the correct verb for these sentences:

  • 1) Does she ___ long hair?

  • 2) They ___ going to London.

  • 3) Do you ___ a pen I can borrow?

  • 4) ___ you a student?

  • 5) She said she ___ a nice time yesterday.

  • 6) ___ they on your bus this morning?

  • 7) The book is old and it ___ a blue cover.

  • 8) ___ this your cup?

  • 9) My daughters ___ a trampoline.

  • 10) They ___ not listening.