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Bedroom Vocabulary

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Can you raed tihs sntecene?

Can you read this sentence?

Smoe of the lteters hvae been mxeid up.

Some of the letters have been mixed up.

Raed touhrgh the flolnowig sncteeens and ulcrmnabse the key wdros.

Read through the following sentences and unscramble the key words.

Tpye the crcroet seilpnlg in the bexos.

Type the correct spelling in the boxes.

All the wodrs are rteaeld to bdeomros.

All the words are related to bedrooms.

  • 1) Put your head on the 'pllowi'.
  • 2) I have an extra 'lakentb' if you feel cold.
  • 3) She has a problem 'lesgneip' at night.
  • 4) I hung your clothes up in the 'rwabdroe'.
  • 5) I use the 'lpma' by my bed for reading at night.
  • 6) Is that clicking noise coming from the 'lockc'?
  • 7) Can you open the 'ucrtaisn' please? It's too dark.
  • 8) I keep my socks in the bottom 'reward'.
  • 9) All my books are on the 'hsfle'.
  • 10) I brush my hair in front of the 'irrmro'.
  • 11) My cosmetics are on the 'resdigns' table.
  • 12) In summer I sleep with the 'indwow' open.