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Been or Gone?

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With the present perfect tense we can use both been and gone.

Been is the past participle of be.

Gone is the past participle of go.

Use been to describe completed visits. If you have visited a place on holiday and then returned you have been there. If someone visits a place but has not come home they have gone there.

She's been to India on holiday three times.

She's gone to Moscow, she will be back next week.

When you ask someone about their past experiences use been.

You smell of beer! Have you been drinking?
Have you ever been to Paris?

Note: In British English 'been and gone' is an expression which means someone/something came along and then left.

Has John arrived yet?
He's been and gone. He was here but he had to leave suddenly.

What time does the postman usually come?
He's been and gone. There was no post for you today.

Decide which words are needed in the following sentences:

  • 1 - She's ___ to visit Susan. She'll be home tomorrow.

  • 2 - Have you ever ___ to New York?

  • 3 - You are late. Where have you ___?

  • 4 - Where has Eric ___? He was here a minute ago!

  • 5 - She was offered a new job and has ___ to London.

  • 6 - I'm so tired. I've ___ working all day.

  • 7 - I don't know that restaurant, I've never ___ there.

  • 8 - Are you ok? Your skin has ___ all red!