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Before and After

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We'll make a decision after the meeting.

Here we have two actions, both are in the future.

Make a decision
Have a meeting

Which of these will happen first?

The meeting will be first and then the decision will be made.


I lived in India before I met your mother.

Here we have two past events:

Meeting your mother
Living in India

Which happened first?

Lived in India happened first, then the mother was met.

Read through these sentences and complete them with the correct missing words:

  • 1) I ___ for a run before breakfast.

  • 2) She got a job as an engineer after she ___ from university.

  • 3) We ___ go for dinner after the movie.

  • 4) Please ___ your key here before you check out

  • 5) She always ___ her homework at her friend's house after school.