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Best of British English

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Here is some vocabulary that is very common in Britain, but rarely used in other countries. Have you heard these words before? Read through the sentences below and see if you can decide which vocab. goes in which sentence.


Lesson by Caroline Devane

1. Knackered - exhausted.
2. Chat up - to talk to someone in order to date them.
3. Cheeky - a bit naughty.
4. Cheers - said before you have a drink with friends or instead of thank you.
5. Fortnight - two weeks.
6. Full monty - the whole thing, often used for English breakfasts.
7. Gutted - really upset and annoyed that something hasn’t worked the way you wanted it to.
8. Mate - friend.

Now choose the correct British English word to complete each sentence:

  • 1. I got ___ by this guy last night, but he was really boring so I didn't give him my number.

  • 2. I am ___ today, I just want to go to sleep.

  • 3. I'm starving, give me the ___!

  • 4. My best ___ can't come to my birthday party.

  • 5. I'm going to Cape Town for a ___.

  • 6. My cousin is so ___ she ate all the chocolate in the cupboard!

  • 7. I failed my last exam. I'm completely ___.

  • 8. ___ for dinner, it was delicious.