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Best Way to Learn English

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Here's a letter from someone who has worked hard to learn English. Javier decided to leave his home in Colombia and learn English in London. Read through what he has written and decide if the statements are true or false.

Improve Your English

We all receive English lessons in school or are sent by our parents to private English schools, where without de-meriting the effort, we try to "learn", going once or twice a week, collecting vocabulary and dealing with grammar. No doubt learning any language requires discipline, perseverance and desire to implement it, but what is not practiced is eventually forgotten and that's what happened to me. In 2008 I decided to seek new directions and leave my native country to venture into the world and meet new cultures. In this daring step into the unknown I ended up in London. Yes the very same and famous London, recognized for its English breakfast, the tennis at Wimbledon, the music in Camden Town, the love of Hugh Grant, the legendary Abbey Road, the performances at the West End, one of the world's financial centres, for that river that runs through and gives more charm to this multifaceted city, capital of an empire and centre this years of the best sporting event.

And there I was, at Heathrow to be more precise and only then I realized that I really did not know English! That what I never practiced I had sadly forgotten, but 'don't panic' I thought, I was already there and there was no turning back. The English accent, hated by some, desired by others, was not very friendly to me and to my misfortune I not only couldn't make myself clear, I also could not understand one word of what I was told! With the use of signs, a dictionary on hand and plenty of attitude, I took the train and finally reached a hostel.

Therefore I believe that if you can and are willing to accept the challenge, travel to an English speaking country, immerse yourself in the culture, in their daily lives, socialize and I assure you it is the best way to learn English. Not only you will see how quickly you understand and learn, you also get to learn the language of ordinary people, a language that is not learned in schools, you learn in parks, in pubs, on the street and live an unforgettable experience.

Letter by Javier, from Colombia

Now decide if these statements are true or false:

  • 1. According to Javier, learning English doesn’t require discipline, perseverance and desire.

  • 2. The author suggests that lack of practice leads to forgetting the language you have acquired.

  • 3. The author felt comfortable with his level of English when he disembarked at London airport.

  • 4. Javier ran away from his country in order to evade justice?

  • 5. The author argues that the best way to learn English is by going to schools once or twice per week?