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Body Idioms

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An idiom is a phrase (a group of words) which means something different from the meanings of the separate words. "Sally let the cat out of the bag" does not mean that Sally took a real cat out of a real bag. It means that she told a secret by mistake.

How well do you know the folllowing idioms?

Rewrite the sentences

Match the 8 idioms to the eight sentences below. Write your sentences in the comments area and remember you will need to change the the verb tenses and/or pronouns.

a) see eye to eye - to agree about someone or something with someone else
b) stay on your toes - stay alert; be aware
c) keep an eye on - to watch someone or something
d) lend me a hand - to give someone some help
e) in over my head - involved in something too difficult; failing at a challenge
f) keep your fingers crossed - to hope for good luck
g) have my heart set on - to decide to achieve something; to really want something
h) put one's foot in one's mouth - to say something embarrassing or wrong

1. Wow! Joe ___ when he said our new boss was terrible and then our boss found out!

2. I ___ going to South Africa next year because I really want to see the beaches in Cape Town.

3. I have a lot of things to do today. Can you ___ ?

4. I have a big test today, so I’m ___ that I’ll do well.

5. I have to pay rent, buy food, and fix my car, but I don’t have enough money. I’m really ___.

6. Would you ___ the children while I go to the bank?

7. They are a perfect couple because they ___ on most things.

8. Doctors have to ___ in the emergency room. Anything could happen at any time.

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