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Both, neither, either? Pre-Intermediate Level

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Here are some rules to remember when using both, neither or either.

Both = this AND that
Either = this OR that
Neither = NOT this and NOT that.

Both is used with 'and' e.g.
"Emma and Megan both went to the party."
We don't usually use this with a negative sentence, but use neither instead.
"Both of us don't swim regularly." WRONG.
"Neither of us swim regularly." MUCH BETTER!

Either is used with 'or' e.g.
"Do you want either chocolate or crisps?"

We often use neither with 'nor', although this is quite formal. E.g.
"Neither Caroline nor Marguerite worked for EC during the world cup."
Be careful not to use neither with another negative e.g.
"I don’t want neither chocolate nor crisps." WRONG.
We cannot have a double negative!

In the following sentences do we need both, neither or either? Good luck!

Today's lesson is by Caroline

Link: Subject Verb Agreement

  • 1. I don't like Italian so I don’t really want to go to restaurant.
  • 2. I love of my sisters equally!
  • 3. me nor my brother like mushrooms.
  • 4. I can't choose, so please can I have of them?
  • 5. Please will you or Philippa buy some milk later?
  • 6. Do of you have a black dress I can borrow?
  • 7. of them want to come with me so I suppose I will have to go by myself.
  • 8. I'm so lucky! I went to Spain and Tenerife this year!
  • 9. I don't think England or South Africa will win the world cup this year, of them.
  • 10. I can't decide what to have for dinner. I think fish and chips or roast chicken.