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'Break' Phrasal Verbs

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There are seven common phrasal verbs that include the verb 'break'.

Break away - to leave something.
Break down - to become very upset.
Break into - to enter a building by force.
Break off - to break a piece from something.
Break out of - to escape from somewhere.
Break through - to pass through a barrier.
Break up - to finish a romantic relationship with someone.

One of these phrasal verbs fits in each of these sentences. Which one do you think it is? To make it a bit more difficult, I have left it to you to decide which tense the phrasal verb needs to be in. Good luck!

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  • 1. Did you hear about the man that the bank last week? Luckily, the police caught him.
  • 2. I think it's terrible that prisoners are still able to prison. The public should be better protected.
  • 3. I think Emily needs to from that group of friends. They are a bad influence on her.
  • 4. I think she was having a really terrible week and on Friday she just . It was so sad.
  • 5. I think my brother is thinking about with his girlfriend. It's a shame, I really like her.
  • 6. Please will you a big piece of chocolate for me?
  • 7. The crowd the barrier that was in front of the band.