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Britain's Got Talent: Vocab and Listening

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Key Words

Keep up - (phrasal verb) continue
Carry on - (phrasal verb) continue (a conversation or a game)
Go on - (phrasal verb)continue or start
Utterly - (adverb) completely or extremely
Horrific - (adjective) very bad and shocking
You are pants - (slang) you are terrible
Categorical - (adjective) without any doubt or possibility of being changed; certain
Resounding - (adjective) very great
A mob - (collective noun) a large angry crowd

Task 2: Watch the clip and discuss the questions below.

1) What do you think of Donald?
2) Can he really sing?
3) What was so bad about his singing?
4) His tone, his body language, his facial expressions?
5) Were the judges’ comments fair?
6) What talent do you have?
7) Would you ever demonstrate your talent on a live show such as ‘Britain’s Got Talent’? Why/ why not?

Task 2: vocabulary practice

Choose the correct usage of the above words in the sentences below:

Lesson by Siba, EC London English School

  • 1 - Keep up:

  • 2 - Carry on:

  • 3 - Go on:

  • 4 - Utterly:

  • 5 - Horrific:

  • 6 - Pants:

  • 7 - Categorical: