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Business English - Confused in the workplace

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There are some words related to work that can be very confusing, as they sound similar but have very different meanings. For example:

Employer- the person who employs people (the boss).
Employee- the person who works for the employer.

Or sometimes, the words don't sound the same, but the meaning can be fairly similar.
Retire- to leave your job after working a long period of time.
Quit - to leave your job for other reasons e.g. you don’t like your boss.

In the following sentences, which word fits in the sentence? Can you give a brief explanation of each word used?

Today's lesson is by Caroline

Link: Business English: the language of 'business meetings'

  • 1. My ___ doesn't listen to staff when they have problems.

  • 2. All ___ should work together to achieve the goals of the company.

  • 3. I think I am going to ___when I am sixty five and go to Spain.

  • 4. I'm really not enjoying my job at the moment. I want to ___.

  • 5. I hope we get our annual___. I really want a new television!

  • 6. My ___ is ok, I can cover all my monthly expenses.

  • 7. Due to the recession, many employees have been ___.

  • 8. He got really drunk at the staff party, so I think he might ___.

  • 9. I have one ___ for my work as a dance teacher and one for my performing work.

  • 10. If I want to join that company, I have to fill out an ___.

  • 11. I have the right ___ for your company. I have taken exams in English and maths and achieved very good results.

  • 12. The interviewer said they were looking for someone with more ___ working with children.

  • 13. I thought the final ___ was the best candidate for the job.

  • 14. I thought the ___ asked some really inappropriate questions, I don't want to work for that company anymore!