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Business English: Looking for a job

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Megan has been looking for a new job. She is trying to pursue a different career in the financial industry and has been to several interviews with some of the biggest financial firms in Cape Town. However, she is still having a difficult time landing her dream job. Remember if you are really interested in this subject, we have very good Business English courses available at our English schools.

Part 1

Carl: Hey, Megan. Have you received word from Standard Bank or First National Bank?

Megan: No, nothing. I was hoping that one of them would have called me in for a second interview by now.

Timothy: I'm sure that they will call eventually. They might just have a lot of applicants to go through.

Carl: That's beside the point. Megan is clearly qualified for the job she is applying for. All she needs is a chance to get her foot in the door, and then she'll be climbing the corporate ladder all the way to the top!

Megan: Thanks, Carl. I appreciate the vote of confidence.

Timothy: Yeah, Carl. What's with all the flattery?

Carl: Oh, come on. I'm not allowed to say anything nice?

Megan: Well, you normally don't. But I think it's a nice change.

Timothy: Ok, why are you really being supportive?

Carl: Alright, alright. I was just thinking that if Megan gets a new killer job, she'd be able to help me out if I’m ever looking for work.

Timothy: That's typical. Anyway, Megan, let us know when you get that new job. It would be a great excuse for me to throw you a party!

Part 2

Megan: Hey, guys. Guess what?

Carl: Did you finally get a second interview at one of the banks you applied at?

Megan: You are not going to believe it, but I got offers from both of the companies I went to!

Timothy: That is fantastic news! Which job are you going to accept?

Megan: Actually, I turned both of them down.

Carl: You what?! Are you pulling my leg?

Megan: Not at all. When I went to hand in my resignation, I was offered a much better position here. It was such a good offer that I had to accept it. I have been promoted to manager of accounting!

Timothy: Oh no, does that mean we have to always be nice to you since you're our boss?

Megan: Don't worry, guys. We can still joke around. Besides Carl is so good at sucking up to people in powerful positions that I should keep him around so I can feel important.

Carl: Ha ha. Very funny.

Now answer these ten mulitple choice questions:

  • 1. What does "receive word" mean?

  • 2. What does "beside the point" mean?

  • 3. "Climb the corporate ladder" refers to...

  • 4. What does Timothy mean when he says, "That's typical"?

  • 5. How many job offers did Megan get?

  • 6. Why did Carl ask Megan if she was pulling his leg?

  • 7. After receiving a ___ from my coworkers, I knew I would be able to make this important sale.

  • 8. I hate watching Miles ___ to the boss. How can he not realize Miles is just hoping for a promotion?

  • 9. Don't believe what John said. You're not going to get laid off. He's just ___.

  • 10. He gets a pay raise every year because he’s an expert at ___.