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Business English: Presentations Vocabulary

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Speaking to a group of people with confidence, clarity and conviction can be difficult especially if you are not using your native language. Although these days presentations can be pretty informal, it can still make you feel nervous.

Good presentation skills are important in business, teaching and many other areas. Careful preparation is probably the most important part of giving an effective presentation. The better prepared you are, the less nervous you feel. Good preparation will make you speak with more confidence and look more professional. During you presentation you should also try to make eye-contact with your audience, smile, an d speak slowly but clearly.

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Here are some words that can be used when talking about presentations.

mannerisms - a person's particular way of talking or moving 
cliché - a phrase or expression that has been used so often that it is no longer original or interesting 
relatable - easy to get to know, understand; feel that you can relate to someone or something
gestures - a movement of part of the body, esp. a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning
crucial - very important
exaggerated - to make (something) larger or greater than normal
lullaby - a song used to help a child fall asleep
fidget - to make a lot of small movements because you are bored or nervous
aftermath - the aftereffects of a big event
take advantage - to use something (such as an opportunity) in a way that helps you

Now choose the correct words in each sentence:

  • 1. It is ___ to practice your speech many times so that you will be less likely to make any mistakes.

  • 2. What a ___ ! In all of these romantic comedies, the ugly girl just takes off her glasses and then she's gorgeous.

  • 3. Whenever you're thinking hard, you click your tongue and crack your knuckles. I know all of your ___.

  • 4. It was really nice to meet you. You're so ___ that I feel like I’ve known you a long time.

  • 5. I use my hands too much when I talk. I always make huge ___.

  • 6. Maybe you're using a flat tone or are repeating one point too many times. These can both work like a perfect ___ for your audience.

  • 7. When experienced speakers give a speech, they use their notes wisely, without being noticed. They often ___ of the natural pauses as the audience bursts out in laughter.

  • 8. Avoid using ___ gestures or tones that may be annoying to your audience.

  • 9. They seem to be ___, perhaps we should take a five minute break.

  • 10. During the ___ of an important point, glance briefly at your notes.