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Business English: What does Strike Mean?

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Have you ever been about to go on holiday and ended up stuck at the airport because your airline has gone on strike? Strikes can be incredibly frustrating for the general public and can make big news. Here’s a short article about strikes. Read through the article and complete the gaps with the missing vocabulary listed below. Have you ever gone on strike with your company, or have you recently been affected by one? Let us know.

a strike: when workers stop working because they want their employers to do what they want. e.g. workers may go on strike because they want more pay.

Key Words

  • Bonus - an extra amount of money that is given to an employee
  • Morality - the amount to which something is right and good
  • Stop - to end
  • Refused - declined, to not allowed something to happen
  • Debt - an amount of money that you owe to a person, bank, company
  • Stranded - to leave (a person or animal) in a place without a way of leaving it
  • Improvements - the act or process of making something better

A strike is when a group of workers agree to _1_ working for a certain period of time. This can cause chaos. For example, if teachers go on strike then children have to stay at home which means their parents cannot go to work.

Workers on Strike

Workers usually go on strike for very specific reasons. They may want _2_ in their workplace, more money or shorter working days.

Some of the most inconvenient strikes are those held by travel companies, as many people become _3_ and cannot return home. Recently, workers for the London underground have been promised an £850 _4_ to work during the Olympics, so long as there is no strike action.

Sometimes, strikes can have more serious implications. In South Africa in 2009, doctors _5_ to work in 26 public hospitals. Many people were left seriously ill without access to help and the _6_ of the strike was questioned. Although this is clearly an awful situation, it should be noted that the doctors striking were being forced to work approximately 200 hours overtime a month in order to survive financially whilst paying off their student _7_.

Now decide which words are missing from the above text:

  • Missing word 1:

  • Missing word 2:

  • Missing word 3:

  • Missing word 4:

  • Missing word 5:

  • Missing word 6:

  • Missing word 7: