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CAE Language Work 1: Inversion

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This tutorial tests your ability to use a key structure that is often tested in the Use of English paper. Check your answers by clicking on 'Show Answers' below.
Today's lesson comes from Chris Tang who teaches CAE courses in London.

1) Read the following text in which a student describes the advice given by their teacher about the speaking exam:

“My teacher told me that during the CAE speaking exam I shouldn’t get too nervous and try to relax. He also said it was imperative that I focused on comparing and contrasting the pictures in part 2 of the exam rather than describing them. In part 3, I was told that I should be supporting of my partner and not seek to dominate the conversation. When answering the questions on Part 1 and Part 4, I was also instructed to develop my answers but not speak for too long.”

Now complete the actual instructions given by the teacher using the word in brackets and one word per gap.

Under no circumstances (should) ________ get too nervous during the exam. In Part 2, you should also focus on the comparing and contrasting. Under no condition (describe) ________ what you see in the pictures. Not only (is) ________ a good idea to support your partner in Part 3 but also avoid dominating the conversation. Also make sure you develop your answers to the questions in Part 1 and 4.

2) Now complete the explanation using the following words:

We often use structures like “under no circumstances” and “not only” to___ the point we are making. Instead of the normal word order of ___ you need to sequence the sentence as if it were ___. This may mean inserting ___ like “do” as in normal question formation, e.g. Not only did I get to class late but also I forgot my homework!

  • subject followed by verb
  • a question
  • an auxiliary word
  • Emphasise

3) Now complete the following Use of English tasks. Rephrase the second sentence using between 3 and 6 words and the word given:

a) I had my wallet stolen and I’ve lost my keys as well
Not only__________ my wallet seems to have been stolen too.

b) We were told dictionaries were not allowed in the exam.
Under__________ to use a dictionary in the exam.

c) The receptionist made it clear that we had to both pay up front and in cash.
Not only __________ I had to pay up front but I also had to pay in cash.

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