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Can or Can't

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How well do you remember this modal verb which expresses ability? Can you remember everything or can't you remember anything?!

Try this exercise to find out! In each sentence choose which answer is needed to make the sentence work.

Note: Sometimes we replace 'can't' with 'cannot'. They have exactly the same meaning but can't is much more common.

Lesson by Caroline

Choose the correct combination in the following sentences:

  • 1. '___ you swim'? 'Yes, I ___'

  • 2. I'm sorry I ___ help you today, I'm really busy.

  • 3. Please ___ you buy some milk on your way home? I ___ leave the house because I'm looking after the baby.

  • 4. I ___ ride a bike but I ___ drive a car.

  • 5. I just ___ manage to wake up on time, I'm always late.

  • 6. 'Hello, ___ I help you'? 'Actually, no you ___ this restaurant is awful and we've been waiting here for half an hour. We're leaving'.

  • 7. I have a special talent, I ___ touch my nose with my tongue ___ you?

  • 8. '___ I go to the bathroom please'? 'Yes, of course you ___.'

  • 9. Look! It's right there!___ you see it? It's so obvious!

  • 10. I've never been able to eat breakfast in the mornings. I ___ talk to anyone either!