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Capital letters

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The use of Capital letters helps readers read a text without confusion.

Here are the rules for capital letters. Use a capital letter in the following:

The first word in a sentence:
My sister lives in England.

The pronoun 'I':
Summer is the season I like best.

A proper noun (name):
That's Peter, my cousin.
I studied in London.
My neighbour drives a Porsche.
We sailed in the Pacific Ocean.
I want to see the Alps.
The Rocky Mountains are amazing.

Days, months and holidays
(but not seasons):

We're meeting on Tuesday.                      
I was born in June.
I spent Christmas in Paris.
Last summer was amazing.

Nationalities, races and languages:
I can't speak Japanese.
He loves Thai food.
The Dutch are very friendly.
My flatmate is a Turk.

A person's title:
 Dr. Pitt will see you now.
Mr. Jones is from Manchester.

Historical periods:
The Renaissance began in the 15th century.

The first letter of each main word  in a title:
War and Peace
Gone with the Wind
How to Write Letters in English

Select the correct words for the following:

Lesson by Tristan, teacher at EC Malta English school

  • 1) Sarah has travelled to _ several times.

  • 2) _ helps me with my gardening.

  • 3) We like going to the _ round the corner.

  • 4) _ you spoken to Tess?

  • 5) I have decided to cook an _ speciality for dinner tonight.

  • 6) Peter and Sarah are getting married in _.

  • 7) The coldest month here is _.