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Car Vocabulary

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I'm sure quite a few of you are drivers and perhaps some of you are driving in the UK. Therefore, it's really important that you know car vocabulary. This way, if your car breaks down you will be able to be specific about what the problem is. Read through the definitions and put the correct word in the gap. Safe driving!

Lesson by Caroline

Bonus Questions: What do American English speakers call the 'boot'?

British English Car Vocabulary

License plate

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Now decide which word is being described in each sentence:

  • 1. The ___ protects the car body from small impacts or collisions.

  • 2. The ___ is a blinking light on a car that display the direction in which the car is about to go, it could be right or left.

  • 3. The wheel is covered with a ___ that is usually made from rubber and filled with compressed air.

  • 4. ___ are powerful lights on the front of car.

  • 5. The ___ of the car covers the engine and allows access to this to be repaired or maintenance.

  • 6. The ___ is the surface, transparent or translucent that protects the driver from wind, rain, insects, etc.

  • 7. The ___ is a covered compartment for luggage, usually located at the rear of the car.

  • 8. The ___ is a metal plate with numbers or letters used to identify a car.