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Choose the Correct Verb - Part II (harder)

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Yesterday we had a simple vocabulary exercise about verb tenses: Choose the Correct Verb

Today we continue with a slightly more difficult task. This time, type in the missing verb using the correct tense.

Use the correct form of the verb shown in each sentence. Only use one word per sentence.

I hope I didn't make this too easy! Who got 10/10. Which ones did you get wrong?


  • Drive - In England they on the left.
  • Wake - Today I up at dawn.
  • Run - Watch him as he home.
  • Begin - Work has finally on construction.
  • Go - All the guests have home. The party is over.
  • Give - These books were to me by my father.
  • Begin - Last night's show on time.
  • Take - I was all the way by my brother.
  • Write - Have you ever a letter in English?
  • Ring - The alarm a couple of minutes ago.
  • Look - Simone is for you.
  • Break - Hannah her leg skiing.
  • Wait - I felt cold for the train.
  • Drink - Lee thinks he something that made him ill.
  • Do - Show me the damage the storm .