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Choose the Correct Auxiliary Verb

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Auxiliary verbs, also known as 'helping verbs' are verb that comes before another verb in order to form a question, a negative sentence, a tense or a passive sentence.

For example, in the following sentence what do you think is the auxiliary verb?

I don't like swimming.

Do is the auxiliary verb and like is the main verb. In this case, the auxiliary verb creates a negative meaning in a present tense sentence. To see how much you remember, try and choose the correct auxiliary verb for the following sentences.

This lesson focuses on the auxiliary verbs be, do and have.

Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. What ___ you done to the microwave? It's broken!

  • 2. I ___ not going to ballet today, I'm exhausted.

  • 3. My best friend from Cape Town ___ sent me a letter.

  • 4. I ___ need to go to university today, my professor cancelled the class.

  • 5. I ___ really enjoying my Spanish classes.

  • 6. ___ you see The X-Factor last night?

  • 7. She ___ not know how to swim.

  • 8. ___ you ever eaten crocodile?

  • 9. Her plane ___ just arrived.

  • 10. ___ you know the way to the closest supermarket?