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Christmas Expressions

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Here are fours festive expressions related to Christmas. Ho, ho, ho!

like turkeys voting for (an early) Christmas

If people are like turkeys (the large bird eaten at Christmas) voting for Christmas, they choose to accept a situation which will have very bad results for them.

"Oil companies asking their customers to use less oil is like turkeys voting for Christmas."

like Christmas came early

When you receive some unexpected good news or good fortune, you can describe it as Christmas coming early. The good news/fortune is a 'present'.

"Christmas came early for Disney. Their latest film 'Disney's A Christmas Carol', starring Jim Carrey, made $31 million dollars in its opening weekend."

cancel someone's Christmas

This is a humorous expression that can be heard in gangster movies. The idea is that you are so angry with someone that you are going to kill them; that person will not live until Christmas!

"If you don't stop annoying me I'm going to cancel your Christmas."

Christmas comes but once a year

Because Christmas only happens once a year, we should be kind and generous as it is a special time.

"Christmas comes but once a year, so we urge you to give generously to our Christmas charity collection."

Task: Write your own example sentences using these expressions.