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Christmas Quiz

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Did you know that different cultures celebrate Christmas in different ways, and not always on the same day? In some places, they celebrate on December 6th – a day called ‘Saint Nicholas Day’. Other families hang up their stockings* for Santa Claus to deliver presents and singing carols** together while preparing to celebrate Christmas on December 24th or 25th. Decorations are put all over the home to help guide Santa Claus to deliver children’s presents under the Christmas tree. Santa Claus is said to make his toys in a workshop with help from elves, and then once a year he rides a sleigh all around the world to deliver presents, sliding down the chimney to get into houses. This isn’t your usual kind of sleigh, though! Santa’s sleigh is a magical one, pulled by 9 flying reindeers! The most well-known reindeer is called ‘Rudolph’.

* Stocking: noun; a large, sock-shaped bag which is filled with small gifts and sweets for Christmas

**Carols: Festive songs popular around Christmas time

  • When is Saint Nicholas Day?

  • What do children hang up for Santa Claus to put presents in on Christmas Eve?

  • What kind of songs are sung at Christmas time?

  • Who helps Santa Claus to make toys in the North Pole?

  • Where are the presents kept before being opened on Christmas morning?

  • What is Santa’s most famous reindeer called?

  • How does Santa Claus get into the house?

  • How does Santa Claus travel?

  • What is put all over the home at Christmas time?