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Collocations: Go, Save and Come

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In English we do homework not make homework and we make breakfast not do breakfast. These examples are collocations, groups of words that go together. Other examples of collocations are:

Save time

Go shopping

Come to a decision

Because there are no fixed rules with collocations it can take a lot of practice to become familiar with how they are used. There is often no reason why words collate, some words are just often put together. The problem with collocations is that the meaning cannot be guessed from looking at part of it. For example, we make a mistake, not do a mistake. There is no clear reason why we use make instead of do with mistake.

In each of these sentences decide which is the correct verb collocation, save, go or come.

  • 1 - You need to ___ some energy for the race tomorrow.

  • 2 - I don't want to ___ last in the race so I’m running every day, trying to build my stamina and speed.

  • 3 - If you don't want to ___ out of business then you will have to spend some money on marketing.

  • 4 - Don't ___ crazy, I’m just asking you a question!

  • 5 - ___ yourself some time and buy a dishwasher!

  • 6 - We have ___ to a decision and I’m happy to tell you, you got the job!

  • 7 - I can't ___ to terms with the death of my Grandmother.

  • 8 - I would love to ___ abroad one day.

  • 9 - Would you ___ me a seat please?

  • 10 - Just ___ online and see if you can find the answer there.