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Collocations - learn correct English

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Make a mistake? Do a mistake? Take a mistake?

Which is the correct verb to use with 'a mistake'. I hope you said 'make'. But why is that right? Well, the fact is that  the verb and noun combination just sounds right in English.

The difficulty for English learners is that these 'collocations' must be learned, usually without any rules to help them remember. Collocations are best understood and learned through practice.

Take a look at the following ten sentences and choose the collocation which you feel is right. Remember there are no rules to help you, collocations are the verbs and nouns which just go together.

How many of you can get all ten correct?

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  • 1 - We should ___ ready now if we want to be there on time.

  • 2 - ___ free to sit wherever you like.

  • 3 - Take the map so that we don't ___ lost.

  • 4 - I didn't win the game, but I ___ close.

  • 5 - Be careful with your cigarette. You don't want your shirt to ___ fire.

  • 6 - Do try and ___ attention while I'm talking.

  • 7 - We really need to do something to ___ money. I'm broke.

  • 8 - ___ your best on the test and you will be fine.

  • 9 - ___ a diary in English to help learn new words.

  • 10 - I don't ___ a great relationship with my brother.