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Collocations - Make, Do, Have

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Collocations are groups of two or more words that generally go together.
In English, we say:

I'm going to make a cup of tea.
He's doing nothing at the moment.
I’m having a good day!

Make tea, do nothing and have a good day are examples of collocations.

Understanding collocations will help improve your fluency.

Here are some everyday collocations used in context. Complete the exchanges to test your knowledge of collocations with make, do and have. Remember to use the correct tense.

Conversation 1

A:  Are you _____ a party for your birthday?
B: I don't know. I haven't decided yet.
A: Well, you can't _____ nothing! We must celebrate!

Conversation 2

A:  Where's Patricia?
B:  She's _____ a shower.
A: She needs to hurry up!
B: Knowing her, she'll probably want to _____ her hair first!

Conversation 3

A: I've _____some research.
B: On what?
A: The easiest way to _____ money!
B: You must tell me what it is!

Conversation 4

A: Carol and I have _____a disagreement.
B: About what?
A: She thinks Christian Bale is more handsome than Hugh Jackman!
B: You're both so silly! _____ me a favour, and go away!

Conversation 5

A: I can't go with you. I have to _____ my homework.
B: You've already done it. I saw you.
A: But, I have nothing to wear.
B: Stop _____ excuses! You need a break!

Conversation 6

A: Did you _____ a good day?
B: Yes. I spoke to my professor. She said I'm _____ excellent progress in my assignment.
A: That's great news!

Conversation 7

A: I'm _____a problem with this equation.
B: Ask Meg to help you. She's _____ nothing at the moment.

Conversation 8

A: Those are so beautiful!
B: What? Those bright pink shoes?
A: Iim buying them!
B: You're _____ a big mistake. You’re never going to wear them!

Conversation 9

A: I'm _____ breakfast with Ben tomorrow.
B: Ben? From high school?
A: Yes, the most popular student in class.
B: That's right. He _____ friends with everyone!

Conversation 10

A: I can't believe you're running your first marathon tomorrow!
B: I just hope I make it to the finish line.
A: Just _____ your best.

Lesson by Nasreen, teacher at EC Cape Town

Now choose the correct missing words:

  • Conversation 1:

  • Conversation 2:

  • Conversation 3:

  • Conversation 4:

  • Conversation 5:

  • Conversation 6:

  • Conversation 7:

  • Conversation 8:

  • Conversation 9:

  • Conversation 10: