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Collocations - words we use with 'make'

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'Try not to make too much noise.'

'Make' is a useful  English verb that can often be found with the words shown below. These are all common  uses of the verb 'make'.

Make a note of any new words and try to write them out in sentences and use them when you are speaking.

'Make' Collocations

make a mess - 'if you make a mess in your room, you will have to clean it your self'.

make time - 'I'm very busy, but i'll try and make time to see you this afternoon.'

make a mistake - 'Clint made a lot of mistakes on his homework and his teacher got  angry.'

make money - 'Being an English teacher is not a good way to make money!'

make plans - 'We need to make some holiday plans before it's too late.'

make dinner - 'What do you want me to make for dinner tonight?'

make a noise - 'Try not to make too much noise, or you will wake the baby.'

make the bed -'Don't forget to make your bed before you go to school.'

make a (telephone) call - 'Hang on. I need to make a quick call.'

make sure/ certain - ' Make sure you lock the door when you leave.'

make a decision - 'I want you to make a decision on what we should do this weekend'.

make believe - (to pretend or imagine) 'The kids were making believe they were cowboys and indians.'