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Colour Idioms

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Idioms are figurative expressions which make learning a language fun and interesting. All languages have their own idioms. There are thousands of idioms in English. This quiz tests your knowledge of idioms related to colours.

Choose from the list of idioms to complete the sentences:

paint the town red
red tape
blue in the face
once in a blue moon
black sheep
black out
green fingers
green with envy
white elephant
white lie

Lesson by Nasreen, teacher at EC Cape Town English school

  • 1. If we do something __, it means we very rarely do it.

  • 2. Jenna is excellent at gardening, so we say she has __.

  • 3. We didn't want to hurt Anna's feelings, so we told her a __.

  • 4. Unfortunately, Tom became the __ of the family when he dropped out of university.

  • 5. I spoke to him until I was __, but he just refused to see my side of things.

  • 6. Pauline was __ when she saw Erica's new handbag.

  • 7. I hadn't seen my best friend in ages, so we decided to go out and __.

  • 8. That new parking area is just a __. It's too far from the building, so it's completely useless.

  • 9. I hate seeing blood! It makes me __.

  • 10. There's always __ to deal with when it comes to starting a new business.