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High Intermediate: Comedy Listening and Vocab Lesson

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Check the meaning of the following words:

Afford (v.)
Loaded (adj./ sl.)
Recent (adj.)
A grand (n./ sl.)
Sort out(v.)

Read the sentences below. Correct the wrong sentences only (leave your answers in the comments section):

• I can’t want this jacket. It’s too expensive.
• I’m really scared of reptiles.
• I really need your help! I can’t sort this problem out by myself.
• Every footballer is loaded; just look at Beckham.
• Old statistics show that smoking causes cancer.
• The minimum price of a Ferrari is 2 hundred hundred pounds.

Now watch the clip from YouTube and answer the following questions (leave your answers in the comments section):

a) What two designer labels does Michael McIntyre mention?
b) How does he describe designer labels?
c) What message do people who wear designer labels try to send (according to McIntyre)?
d) Instead of wearing such labels, what does McIntyre suggest people wear?

Listen to for the second time and fill in the gaps:

I don’t like designer labels. It’s a _1_.

People wear _2_ clothes to say ‘Look at me. I can afford this. Look I have got a little _3_. You don’t have that, do you? I notice you have no _4_on your clothes. I have a little crocodile. Sometimes I have a little man playing _5_cause I can _6_ that little man. Sometimes, cause I’m _7_, the _8_ plays _9_, yes.’
I think it’s a nonsense. I think that people should just wear T-shirts with a _10_ on the front of a recent _11_. That would sort things out wouldn’t it?
Look at that, three _12_. Not to mention my _13_.’

Lesson by Siba teacher at EC London English School

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