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Common Abbreviations

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 Have you ever come across a random group of letters in a conversation or in a text and wondered what they mean?

Sometimes in English, we shorten words or phrases for convenience.

This has become even more common since we began using text messages and emails to communicate.

In each of the sentences below, do you know what the abbreviation stands for?

Can you think of any others?

Which is the correct meaning for each  abbreviation?

  • 1. Do you sell BLT sandwiches?

  • 2. We are sorry to inform you that Dr. Josephs has relocated to another surgery.

  • 3. Where are the XL t-shirts?

  • 4. He's got a PHD in biochemistry.

  • 5. Please get back to me asap!

  • 6. The MP's have been debating for hours, it appears they’re never going to reach a consensus.

  • 7. Just send a CV to this address and hopefully they will get in touch.