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Common Colour Idioms

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I know that English students enjoy learning new idioms. I'm sure that over the years you have come across many of them. Today we're going to review your knowledge and hopefully teach you some new ones.

The theme of today's lesson is colour idioms (or color idioms, if you prefer American) spelling. There are lot's of examples of colour idioms in English and here are ten of them. All native English speakers will be familiar with these - are you?

I have a feeling you will all find this a difficult lesson! How many of you can prove me wrong? A big congratulations to anyone who can get 10 /10!

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Ten Animal Idioms

Now complete these sentences with the correct idiom:

  • 1 - When someone is good at gardening, they have '___ fingers / thumbs'.

  • 2 - When some is very envious, they are '___ with envy'.

  • 3 - When someone is in debt with the bank (overdrawn) they are '___ the red'.

  • 4 - When you talk to someone who doesn't listen, you become 'blue in the ___'.

  • 5 - When you are not aware about something, you are 'in the ___' about it.

  • 6 - The bad person in a group or family is known as a 'black ___'.

  • 7 - A small lie you tell to protect a person's feelings is a '___ lie'.

  • 8 - When you give something the 'green light' you are giving:

  • 9 - When someone is 'yellow' they are:

  • 10 - Alarge sum of money paid to a retiring worker is called a 'golden ___'.