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Common English Similies

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A similie is an expression we use when comparing two things using the words 'like' or 'as'.

Here are some common examples:

"I'm as blind as a bat without my glasses." - I have bad eyesight, so do bats (the flying birds that appears at night).
"My daughter is as quiet as a mouse."
"It was like a library in the stadium today." - It was very quiet, there was no singing or shouting.

Now complete these other well-known idioms:

  • 1 - The surface was as smooth as ___.

  • 2 - I'm confused! This is about as clear as ___.

  • 3 - I feel as free as a ___ when I'm on holiday.

  • 4 - She's as wise as an ___.

  • 5 - He's disgusting! He eats like a ___!

  • 6 - I was so tired, I slept like a ___.

  • 7 - He drank the whole bottle of vodka. He drinks like a ___.