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Common mistakes in English - Do you make any of these?

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Take a look at these sentences; they are all classic mistakes that can be heard in English classrooms around the world. Do you know what is wrong with each sentence? Most English teachers hear these mistakes all the time so don'’t worry if you have been saying them – you are not alone!
Now is your chance to say them right!

The sentences in blue are WRONG!

"Who cooked this salad?" - a salad isn't 'cooked' it is 'made': "Who made this salad?'"

"I very like swimming." - "I like swimming very much."

"I put off my shoes when I get home." - The phrasal verb is 'take off': "I take off my shoes when I get home". This is a common mistake because the opposite is 'put on'.

"I close the light before I go to sleep." - The wrong verb is used; we need a phrasal verb 'switch off' or 'turn off': "I switch off the light before I go to sleep."

"I'm interesting in English." - The '-ed' form of the adjective is needed when we talk about our feelings: "I am interested in English."

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