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Commonly confused words

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This is a lesson that focuses on pairs of words that can often be confused.

Sometimes we confuse them because they sound the same, or sometimes we confuse them because they have similar meanings.

In each sentence try and choose which word is correct.

Say the sentences out loud as you read them, this may help you to choose the correct word.

Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. Everyone is going to the party ___ Jennifer.

  • 2. Can't you just ___ that I'm not ready for a relationship?

  • 3. I'm still hungry so I think I will have ___ as well.

  • 4. A lot of deadly animals live in the ___.

  • 5. Soon we are going to have an ____ to the family, we are going to have a baby!

  • 6. Have you got the newest ___ of Cars magazine yet?

  • 7. I ___ warm boots with me this time because I was so cold last Winter.

  • 8. I ___ three books on Amazon yesterday, then felt guilty for spending too much money!

  • 9. I ___ my keys in the fridge. I must be getting old.

  • 10. I can't believe I ___ my business ten years ago!

  • 11. We will have to go to the shops ___.

  • 12. We could get salmon or steak. The ____ is more expensive but we haven’t had it for ages.

  • 13. I'm ___ in the flat tonight. I’m going to relax and watch movies.

  • 14. I felt so ___ when my children left home to go to university.

  • 15. Whatever you do, don't ___ your coat again!

  • 16. I think I must have lost weight because my jeans are a bit ___.

  • 17. Can I ___ a pen? Mine has stopped working.

  • 18. If you promise to look after it, I'll ___ you my favourite dress.

  • 19. Stop ignoring me! Please ___ to me!

  • 20. Shhhh, I can't ___ what he's saying.