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Comparative + Than

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Use than with a comparative adjective when comparing two things or people.

In this sentence older is the comparative adjective. She is older than me.

France is bigger than England.
Malta is warmer than Germany.

Use -er with one-syllable words

Girls are more intelligent than boys!
The movie was less interesting than the book.

Use more/less with words that have more than one syllable.

The weather was drier last week than this week.
My car is dirtier than yours.

When the adjective ends in -y, change it to -ier.

The chicken tasted better than the fish.
My English is worse than yours.

Watch out for irregular comparatives! Good becomes better, bad becomes worse.

Now choose the correct comparative adjective sentence:

  • 1) Which is correct?

  • 2) Which is correct?

  • 3) Which is correct?

  • 4) Which is correct?

  • 5) Which is correct?

  • 6) Which is correct?

  • 7) Which is correct?

  • 8) Which is correct?

  • 9) Which is correct?

  • 10) Which is correct?