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Now it's time to practice comparatives!
These statements are all about celebrities and famous people. Do you think the statements are true or false? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.
If you're not sure who some of the celebrities are, why don't you read about them online!

Lesson by Caroline Devan, a teacher at EC Cape Town English language school

Link: Superlatives Quiz

  • 1. Angelina Jolie is (beautiful) Jennifer Aniston.
  • 2. President Obama is (good) President Bush.
  • 3. Paris Hilton is (stupid) Nicole Richie.
  • 4. Jim Carrey is (funny) Eddie Murphy.
  • 5. Tom Cruise is (tall) Brad Pitt.
  • 6. David Beckham is (fast) Pele.
  • 7. Oprah Winfrey is (interesting) Ellen De Generes.
  • 8. Britney Spears is (famous) Beyonce.
  • 9. Elvis was (exciting) The Beatles.
  • 10. Johnny Depp is (handsome) Will Smith.