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Comparing Travellers

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For this lesson, you should read through the true or false questions and then scan the text to try and find the answers within three minutes! Scanning is when you read a piece of text very quickly and look only for the answers to the questions you need. Remember to read through the questions carefully. Let us know how you found it; did you manage to find the answers within the three minutes or did it take you longer?

Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline Devane

1 - Will Petley is 18 and from Farnborough, Hampshire

Will has just finished his A-levels and plans to study creative writing and journalism at university but is deferring entry until 2012 so that he can take a gap year.

The trip: a three-month journalism internship in Bangalore, India, departing in September.

The budget: Approximately £3,000, including internship package and homestay accommodation with GapGuru (gapguru.com), £500 return flights and spending money.

2 - Greg Clark is 22 and from Sheringham, Norfolk

Greg graduated this summer from Bath University, where he studied economics, and has been offered a job that starts in January 2012.

The trip: Travelling around Central and South America for three months starting in September.

The budget: Flights £720, accommodation and spending money £2,000-£2,500.

3 - James Chalmers is 27 and is from Kent

James graduated five years ago and is taking a sabbatical from his job as a senior case worker for an MP.

The trip: four months travelling through the Middle East staying with local families, departing in September.

The budget: £4,000 including flights, visas and spending money.

4 - Jessica and Charlotte Richardson are 19-year-old twin sisters from Camberley, Surrey

Since leaving college a year ago they have been working full-time, Jessica at a vehicle leasing company and Charlotte as a chef.

The trip: a one-way ticket to Sydney, departing in October, to work and travel in Australia and New Zealand for at least a year.

The budget: £1,800 each to sign up to Bunac's Work Australia programme, which includes arranging flights, work visas, a stopover in Hong Kong and one week's accommodation. They must each have £3,000 in a bank account to travel to Australia on a one-way ticket.

Now decide if the following statements are true or false:

  • 1. Will is older than Greg.

  • 2. Greg will be travelling for longer than Will.

  • 3. Will has a larger budget than Greg.

  • 4. Jessica and Charlotte will be travelling for the longest period of time.

  • 5. James is the oldest person going travelling.

  • 6. Jessica and Charlotte have the smallest budget.

  • 7. Charlotte is older than Jessica.