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Conjunction Review

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Conjunction: A word that links two words, phrases or clauses together. Here's another review lesson to help you practise some of the basics of English.

Choose the correct conjunction for each sentence. Then why don't you make some of your own sentences using the conjunctions to help you revise.

Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. I really want to go to the zoo ___ I can't afford it.

  • 2. I feel a bit sick ___ I'm going to go to the doctors.

  • 3. I have two dogs ___ a cat.

  • 4. I will cook some food ___ I've watched my programme.

  • 5. I've lived in London ___ I started university.

  • 6. I borrowed your dress ___ I thought you said I could!

  • 7. I won't talk to you ___ you apologise.

  • 8. I'll buy you a gift ___ you improve your grades.

  • 9. Do you want chicken ___ beef?

  • 10. Please finish the washing up ___ you go to bed.