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Conjunctions are words that join clauses into sentences. One is enough to join two clauses.

Using conjunctions to join short clauses into longer sentences makes English more fluent!

For example: I like to have a cup of coffee as soon as I wake up.

Choose the expression which best completes the sentence. Sometime two are possible.

Lesson by Amanda Pooley, EC Cape Town English language school

  • 1. We can go ___ while you're ready.

  • 2. Please turn off the lights ___ you go to bed.

  • 3. I like to relax ___ I'm on holiday.

  • 4. I'm so worried about Max. ___ you hear any news, please phone me.

  • 5. ___ you've read the newspaper, can I have it?

  • 6. I'm going to keep asking you to marry me ___ you say yes!

  • 7. ___ you are the first person up in the morning, make me a cup of coffee.

  • 8. ___ you are having your hair cut, I am going to pick up Grandad and take him home.

  • 9. Stop at a petrol station ___ we run out of petrol.

  • 10. ___ as we discover life on another planet, will it be intelligent?