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Connectives - How to make longer sentences

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English learners often write using short sentences and have a making longer sentences.

Today we take a look at some basic words that you can use to link connect short sentences together.

Here's an example,

"We are early. There was no traffic."

"We are early because there was no traffic."

As you can see because is used to link the two pieces of information into one simple sentence.

Now write in the connecting word for each of these sentences. When you have finished, use the connecting words to make your own sentences.

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  • 1 - She wanted to learn English in London but her friend wanted to go to Brighton.
  • 2 - If you work hard, you can do it.
  • 3 - Although he's lives in Korea, he doesn't speak Korean.
  • 4 - I learnt to surf while on holiday in San Diego.
  • 5 - We will pay for the order when it arrives.
  • 6 - Hang up the clothes after you have taken them out of the washing machine.
  • 7 - My neighbour, who is a doctor, gave me some medical advice.
  • 8 - We could rent a car or we could use public transport.
  • 9 - Unless we leave now we'll be late.
  • 10 - Since it was sunny, we decided to go to the park.