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Cooking Verbs

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In the following lesson we are exploring some of the words you use while cooking. Try to fill the gaps with the correct words. All today's words are verbs and some have a similar meaning so carefully read through definitions.

Remember that cooking will help you to eat healthier and you will also enter a fascinating world of flavours and aromas. Good luck!

What's the national dish in your country, do you know how to cook it? Tell us how it's made in the comments area.

English Cooking Verbs

Mince - to cut meat, usually beef, into very small pieces.
Peel - to remove the skin of fruit or vegetables.
Trim - to cut a small amount from something to make it tidy or to remove parts that you do not need. "Trim the fat off the meat."
Chop -  to cut into pieces. It is not important to be careful when chopping - the shape is not important.
Dice - to cut food into small, square pieces.
Slice -   to cut food into thin, flat pieces: "Please slice the tomatoes."

Choose the best verb to complete each sentence. Only use each verb once:

  • 1 - ___ the skin off those potatoes before put them in the pan.

  • 2 - Get the carrots and ___ them into little pieces.

  • 3 - To cut that onion first ___ the skin off and then cut it into pieces.

  • 4 - Don’t forget to ___ the spinach in a rough way to give your dish a bit of attitude.

  • 5 - To ___ the potato, slide it across the blade to get thin potatoes pieces.

  • 6 - To get the meat into crumbles you need to ___ it first.