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Crazy Christmas - Elementary/Pre-Intermediate

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Today's lesson is from Amy Whiting, EC Cape Town English language school.

Present Simple is used to talk about routines and habits, it uses the form Subject + Verb
Example: We eat turkey at Christmas time

Present Continuous is used to describe something that is happening at the moment, and uses the form Subject + auxiliary Verb 'BE' + verb+ing
Example: I am eating turkey at the moment

The auxiliary verb 'BE' changes according to the subject. Complete these:

Subject Verb 'Be'
I am

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The holiday season is a busy time for most families! Have a look at what's happening inside the Hudson's house. Use the verbs in the brackets to describe the family's activities using either present simple or present continuous.


  • The house is very noisy! Everyone (get) ready for Christmas.
  • Mom is in the kitchen, she (roast) a turkey for dinner,
  • and Julie (peel) the potatoes.
  • Kelly and Sabrina (stand) in...
  • ...the living room (sing) Christmas carols at the top of their voices.
  • Melanie (laugh) at them.
  • Dad always (chop) wood for the fire before Christmas dinner.
  • He (be) outside now, freezing in the snow.
  • Grandpa (hit) Charlie with his walking-stick...
  • ...because he (stand) in front of the television.
  • The Christmas tree is Katie's duty, she (put) it up every year.
  • She usually (hang) red and gold decorations on the branches.
  • The guests (arrive) soon,
  • so the family (work) hard to get everything ready in time.
  • Oh no! The dog (eat) the Christmas cake!
  • The Christmas tree (fall) down!
  • Christine catches the tree and Grandma (smack) the dog.
  • They (be) very quick.
  • Everyone (finish) their duties just in time and the Hudson's have a crazy, but wonderful Christmas!