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Cultural Lesson: May Day

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1 May, known as May Day and International Workers' Day around the world, is _1_ a celebration of the social and economic achievements of the world's workers and labour movements (for example, the introduction of the eight hour day). Brazil, Malta, India China, Germany, Hungary and Italy all have national holidays on this day.

As the day has close links with socialism, and left-wing politics, many nations feel uncomfortable _2_ this day. Indeed, America moved Labour Day to a _3_ date in the year in order to distance itself from the left-leaning connotation. 

This day is also synonymous with _4_ protests. Groups who are unhappy with the government or leaders, use this day to demonstrate in the streets. A famous example of this _5_ in Washington, DC, in 1971 when thousands of anti-war activists tried to shut down the Federal government _6_ protest of the Vietnam War.

Complete the blank spaces with the words below:

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