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Culture Lesson: Colombia - Find the mistakes

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Today's English lesson looks at sentence structure. There is a grammar mistake in each of the eight sentences below. Can you find them all? Write the correct sentences in the comments area.

In the past year I've spent quite a lot of time in this country and with my daughter being half Colombian, I imagine I'll be spending a lot more!

When people think of Colombia, they often think of its turbulent history and drug trade, but there is so much more to the country. Using an online search engine, can you find out whether the facts below are true or false? If the answer is false, then what is the correct answer? Enjoy!

Lesson by Caroline.

Task 1 - There is one mistake in each of these eight sentences. Can you find the eight mistakes?

Task 2 - Are the sentences true or false?

English Grammar Quiz

1. Colombia is located at central America.
2. The capital to Colombia is Bogota.
3. Around 50% by the world's coffee is produced in Colombia.
4. The Colombian flag are yellow, blue and green.
5. Colombia is one of the world largest producers of emeralds.
6. About 70% of the country speaks French fluently as well Spanish.
7. Colombia is ever spelt with a 'u'!
8. The world famous singer 'Shakira' from Colombian.

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