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Culture Lesson: London Thames Festival

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This weekend the annual Thames festival is taking place and I am going to go and join in the party! This article comes from the free Evening Standard newspaper. I have taken some of the key vocabulary from the article away; can you put the correct word in each gap? Did anyone else go to the festival?
Lesson by Caroline

Mayor the official leader of a town or city, elected by the people.
Londoners people who live in London.
Banks the sides of a river.
Communal used or shared by everyone.
Chorus a group of people singing in unison.
Sell-by the last date food can be sold on, before it is considered not good enough to eat.
Landmark a building or other place that has historical, aesthetic or cultural importance.
Dazzling amazing or spectacular.

A million Londoners will gather on the _(1)_ of the Thames this weekend for the city’s biggest free outdoor party. The Mayors Thames festival, now in its 14th year, will put on a _(2)_ display of the capitals best art, dance and music, including a performance by Mercury award winner Speech Debelle.
The two-day event, supported by the Evening Standard, also features river races and Southwark Bridge will be closed to traffic to become a giant _(3)_ banqueting hall.
The _(4)_ of London, Boris Johnson, will open the lantern-lit carnival on Sunday night, which will feature more than 2000 performers, before concluding with a fireworks display. He said: ‘The Thames Festival is a vibrant celebration of the capital’s most central, tireless and endearing _(5)_, a dependable friend that has been pivotal in the life and success of our city.
‘From the night carnival to the spectacular fireworks, it is a magical event that brings together people of all ages- not just _(6)_, but visitors to the capital’.
Opening the festival tomorrow, a thousand primary school children will perform a mass_(7)_ of eight songs by British composer Jonathan Dove, each inspired by a London landmark.
The Feast on the Bridge aims to ‘reconnect an urban public with the growing cycle’ enabling people to buy and share a sustainably produced, British-grown meal , to chat and dance with fellow Londoners.
At dusk, the world’s largest ‘waste fruit salad’- using fruit just past it’s _(8)_ date- will be tossed on huge tarpaulins.
Family activities include storytelling and welly-throwing on the beach near the OXO tower and the nearby House of Fairy Tales travelling arts circus.

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